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The Return of the Impossible Princess -- Kylie is BACK

It’s always great moment for pop music when a superstar announces a comeback, and just a few days ago, the Princess of pop, the one and only Kylie has announced her upcoming album Golden ready to hit us next spring. We have a release date, 6th of April, we have a tracklist, a cover art, but most of all we have a lead single! The beautiful Dancing has just officially hit the radios.

Kylie is going Cowboy for this album, the whole graphics and the sound of Dancing winks at the country vibes that has been lately going on in pop music. And she does it with Style.

Right now, we don’t have that much to talk about or listen to, so we have decided to spice the hype up by celebrating another important record in Kylie’s long career. A record that also presented a step away from a typical pop sound, a record with a turbulent story and most of all, a record that is turning TWENTY years old this year **celebration**

If you haven’t guessed it yet, (come on, it’s in the title of this post!) then you DO need to have a read and trust us. Today’s popstone is the fabulous Impossible Princess.

<--- what a cover!

Released between 1997 and 1998, this album was the second and last record for Kylie by Deconstruction. A concept album that had to bear with a lot of expectations given it was the follow-up to the acclaimed Kylie Minogue album, again with Deconstruction. Impossible Princess had a turbulent release. Being pushed back to start with, then the unfortunate UK release right after the death of Princess Diana, which costed the album the drop of the title for the UK market, it finally saw the light in January 1998.

The departure from her debut young pop style is even deeper than the 1994 album which contained the successful Confide In Me. Unfortunately, this release did not share the same commercial success as its predecessor. Nevertheless, as we well know, a pop classic does not always need to sell millions. The quality of this album is undeniable.

Deep, dark and hunting is how I would describe Kylie’s direction during her indie phase. The choice of the lead single was however a bit questionable. The radio-friendly Some Kind of Bliss had been chosen to represent the album. Not that it’s a bad song, but the album is so much better than that. It has its positive and catchy moments, especially the amazing second single Did It Again, whose video is iconic, but the highlights of the album are more hidden than that.

Here what we have chosen for you:

- Too Far: everything from the intro to the fast spoken chorus is a complete new Kylie you have to get to know! It’s simply amazing

- Dreams: it contains the album title line, this is a pure fairy tale with a reality check. A fan favuorite that Kylie brought back to her live setlist during her brilliant Showgirl tour.

- Cowboy Style: cause Kylie went country already, you forgetful people! Love it!

- Jump: probably one of the deepest moments in the album. I’d suggest to get a drink with it (and then put Drunk next on the playlist!)

Some videos:

Happy Kylie day, everyone!