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2640 is not just a number

DISCLAIMER: Some of you may have heard about Francesca Michielin, as she represented Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. I admit that I don’t listen to Italian music so much (apart of some artists that I am really fond of), especially contemporary artists. This is mainly due to the fact that often they are really distant from my personal tastes. I need to make an exception for Francesca Michielin. I think she is one of the few personalities in the Italian pop scene that can bring freshness, innovation, and a great sensibility. And what I find amazing is that she seems to do it in a very simple way, like there is something that naturally flows through her. Francesca Michielin starts her career in one of the most common ways singer does nowadays, as an X-Factor winner. Despite her short career and her young age (she’s just 22), she has been able to evolve her musical style, showing an extreme confidence both as a performer and a writer.


On the 12th January, her third studio album, 2640, was released.

I think this album is very organic, and I started appreciating it by listening to it all together. Despite that, I would like to focus the attention on the three tracks I prefer. The first one is track number two, Bolivia. It is a slow-tempo song, I find it very charming, soothing, almost hypnotizing. I think the music suits Francesca’s voice, and it embodies very well the conflict between the will and the joy of leaving your home, to be independent, free and to face difficulties on your own and the fears, the loneliness that this decision brings.

Io non abito al mare is the second single released from the album. It is a love song with an electro-pop taste, but the strength of this song is certainly in the lyrics, which I find really sweet and expressive. For example, she describes very well the intensity of love with an unpleasant sensation: Non mi intendo d’amore / non lo so spiegare / ma quando mangio con te/ ho paura che arrivi il caffè; that sounds almost like: I don’t know much about love / I cannot explain it / But when I’m eating with you / I’m scared for the coffee to arrive.

Vulcano is the first single of the album and is one of the few up-tempo songs included. The track is radio-friendly and is accompanied by a nocturne music video set in Berlin, that gives the song an international and fresh feel. I like it very much because it represents a nice turn from the typical Italian music: it sounds pop, international but it has a particular attention to lyrics and meaning.

[**Ryan's jumps in**] I'll just jump in first of all to say thank you to my ridiculously busy (pffff) buddy to finally and properly show up to this forgotten blog! It's good to hear from ya, buddy! And also, I gave this album a go, completely agree on the three songs he chose. I might just add to my favs also Scusa se non ho gli occhi azzurri that I find so lovely, juvenile but in a sweet way, and definitely a reminder of some songs from her previous record, which was an absolute gem. Thanks guys for reading and give her a go! Come on, let's make it everyday a Eurovision day! (...ok maybe not...) 2640 on Spotify