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Happy 2018, Heroes!

Happy new years to everyone! We are back after a quite a long break! It has been a very pleasant year for pop music and we have decided to celebrate this with a bit of a recap of what 2017 has left to us. We have decided to make things differently. We are not going to try to have a final chart, at least not yet, we will give the song some time to age and check how they will sound in the future to be certified true survivors and indeed popstones.

In the meanwhile, we have carefully selected for each month of the last year, a release that had stand out for different reasons (good ones though) among all the rest. Each month is therefore represented by our own favourite of the month. Wait, think about it, this is not a chart as someone might think. Choosing ONE per month according to the release date is very restricting, but also a cute little game.

To make things more interesting, we had created two separate playlists. The first one we have called it Alpha and contains a selection of the typical songs we have or would have discussed regularly here at, by yours truly Ryan. In addition to that, the very quiet (and super busy...) Leonard X is making his official debut on our second reincarnation of this humble blog, with his very own selection Beta entirely dedicated to pop music beyond the Caucasus. K/J/etc.-pop lovers, here you finally have it! Show some love to our beloved Leonard X, y'all!

OnePerMonth 2017 - Alpha

OnePerMonth 2017 - Beta