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Welcome on Stage... Ed Caspian! [Interview]

And here we are with over very first interview on popstonesheroes! Today we are very happy to have a little chitchat with a young talent we had discovered a few days back and about whom we have talked in our last weekend suggestion. The track we are talking about is Bad to the Bone, and today we are talking with the producer and main featured artist on the track, the talented Ed Caspian is with us!

Ed Caspian

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Welcome Ed! Lovely to have you here. You are actually our very own first guest, wohoo!

Lovely to be here! It is actually my first time being featured in a foreign blog!

Exciting times! So first of all, tell us about yourself. We know you’re very young and you’re from Finland. Tell us more!

Well, you got the most important parts covered already there I am a 15-year-old DJ/producer living in the Helsinki region. Just started my studies at senior high school. You started with a very difficult question!

Oh no, what a terrible host! Well, I guess we were just very curious about you 😊 Obviously you’re here with us thanks to your debut single, Bad to the Bone, which has gained some visibility on Spotify, so congratulations for that! Before telling us more about this particular track, tell us about how did such a young man get into producing music. Where does Ed Caspian the producer come from?

I did my first DJ-gig when I was 13. After that I started to do my own remixes and then slowly I just started to produce my own drops and tracks.

That’s amazing! Many times we hear about young talents but 13 is definitely very impressive. How was it to get signed? How did you manage to make that happen? Have you been discovered, or have you been looking for it...

Getting signed was a bit of a surprise. In Finland all 9th graders have a mandatory one week internship. So last winter when it was my turn, I decided that I want to work in music industry. I made a lot of phone calls and managed to convince Fried Music / EMI Capitol to give me a chance. I started the week with regular office tasks and then got to work with some of the best Finnish producers. We actually started working on Bad To The Bone. The people at the label liked what they heard and on Friday I signed the contract! Now we are here and it has been great!!

Now that’s impressive! I have always imagined internships as something boring and not rewarding at all, and instead you are telling me you went for your passion and managed to work in such s stimulating environment. You must be over the moon! So refreshing to hear stories like this!

Now, you’re obviously at the start of what we are sure is going to be a long career. Who are the people you’re going to be inspired by? Who are your heroes in the music business?

At least Martin Garrix. He is actually the reason I started to produce music. I also have to give my respect to Armin Van Buuren. They both seem to have their feet on the ground and have proven that hard work pays off.

And what are your all time favourite tracks? Is there anything in particular that you listen to it and you go Oh man, I wish I had produced that song ?

There are too many! But if you force me to answer, I would choose Dimitri Vegas, Martin Garrix & Like Mike – Tremor AND Armin van Buuren, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano - You Are.

Good choices! Let’s leave some links at the end of the interview for our audience.

Back to business. Bad to the Bone, the track the got you here. Your debut. A collaboration. How did that come to life?

Well, as I mentioned, I started to work on it during the internship. The track got its final form at the end of last summer when we got these super artists, Redrama and Sandra, featuring on it.

It’s fascinating to think that this track came out of an internship for your 9th grade! Blown away completely! The chorus is tremendously catchy! This place is for players only is a great line! You have worked with two artists for this track, what to expect next? Further collaborations?

I also like the chorus! I am lucky to have such great features on this track. Redrama is a living legend over double my age. Sandra, on the other hand, is very talented young vocalist around my age. I couldn’t have imagined better collaborations for my first single. I hope I will be able to attract interesting collaborations also in the future!

Let me tell you, the whole result is definitely a pop gem, we understand why you’re so happy about how this turned out, and we are happy too! Speaking about collaborations, who would be your dream collaboration? Any rapper or vocalists...?

Well, out of Finnish artists I would probably say Isac Elliot. When it comes to foreign artist my dream is to work with Justin Bieber. In the future, it would also be great to collaborate with other EDM artists like Martin Garrix, Armin van Buuren or Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Great! You heard it here first, people! We once again wish you all the very best for this and the future releases. Are you now going to promote the track, or ready for the next chapters? When are we seeing you and hearing from you next?

The following weeks I will do my best to promote Bad To The Bone. I got some interviews coming and the video shoot will take place next week. It will be epic, so stay tuned! I will also start working on new material in the nearest future.

We promise we will feature your video as soon as it gets released! Any chance we will get any physical release as well? We do love our CDs and Vinyls…

Never actually thought of this! I do not belive that there will be physical release very soon. It would be awesome, though!

Worth asking! We’re very old (fashioned), you know? Ed, thank you so very much for your time to be with us today. We cannot wait to feature your future works on our website.

See you soon, Ed!

See you! And stay tuned!


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