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(Late) Weekend Suggestions

Hello hello hello! Very lovely weekend here in Ireland, we have been busy jamming out some new songs so here we go for a quick update for you lovely people. Two songs. One from a long time return to the music scenes and one debut.

1. N*E*R*D feat. Rihanna - Lemon

Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo, Shay Haley are back with the fabulous project N*E*R*D (or N.E.R.D) . We all remember their super smash hit She Wants to Move back in 2004. They are back again with an important collaboration with Ms Rihanna on this brand new track called Lemon. The feeling of this track goes more into The Black Eyes Peas rather than classic N*E*R*D, a choice probably dictated by the natural evolution of that sound onto the nowadays radio vibes. Rihanna gives us absolute Fergie style with a track that will make many of the people out there very happy. We are not too sure we're in love with this track, but we are definitely looking forward the entire album, for which the tracklist has been already announce and includes other collaborations such as Kendrick Lemar and Ed Sheeran.

2. Ed Capsian feat. Redrama & Sandra - Bad to the Bone

This place is for players only will stay in your head after a few spins of this very catchy dance tune. We have absolutely no idea where this comes from nor who any of the artists are (shameful) but this sounds like a track that could potentially be a popstone for you fans out there. Give it a try and check out the guys on the internet and show some love!