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Land the plane! It's a World Exclusive! Kelly Clarkson, y'all!

And we finally made it! Our very first World Exclusive review for, well, the album of the year, Meaning of Life by our very own Miss Independent Kelly Clarkson! Yes. We have it. And you don't. But we're here to talk about it.

<- See how pretty it is? Anyway, let's get to business. Bangers:

Whole Lotta Woman (the intro keeps reminding me of Hot Summer by the German girlband Monrose. This is how awesome this is.) The rest is a pure anthem on big and powerful women. Amazing. Expect this from your favourite local drag queens (unless that is you).

Heat is basically Kelly's Shake it Off but a bit late, to be frank. Very radio friendly, she's gonna love performing it. Another country-ish moment is Didn't I, which is an ok track.

Medicine follows quite tightly, I kinda prefer this one, definitely more RnB than the former. A bit of screaming cause why not. Love the lower refrain. And the distorted you ain't my medicine is a clear tribute to the distorted unsayshubol by Queen Coyle. I know, this is only in my head, so? Love this track. ThA BaNgEr is the final track Go High. Remember when listening to Take You Higher in her previous LP made us think "What?! Is she on acid? Or am I?" Well, Go High is a close cousin of TYH but with no drug problem. Absolutely amazing. Very weird to close the album with this track. Definitely unexpected. Kudos. Ok, now let's go for the drama, the voice, the juice, the screams, the pain. Well, not really much pain in this album, she's pretty fucking happy.

The feelingz. We have all know now the amazing ballad that is Move You, we know you know because we have talked about it and you have read us. Obviously. So we'll move on (I'm hilarious.)

Plenty of bluesy sound, you can play this with your mama and she's gonna love it.

Would You Call That Love is a diamond. Full stop. What a song. Nostalgic, slow and on point. Masterpiece

Cruel is one of the softest moments, even though the screams, once again, people. You have to love her. it's taking all of me to love someone like you oh Kelly, yes.

I have always felt some sort of connection with KC, but yeah, I think she left me a bit behind, cause yeah she's married now and she now sings I Don't Think About You. Lucky you, sister. Jokes aside, what a lovely track. So simple, great lyrics and some shy whistling here and there. Cover your right ear and move that finger in the air, hunty, I don't think about YouUUUUUUUUU Oh God, THIS ALBUM goes way too fast! Feels so short when it's full of great tunes. People, order it. Get a vinyl for mum, get a CD for your friends, do it for them, ok? If this one doesn't become a worldwide hit, I am going to be very not happy. And disappointed. And will cry a bit. Inside. Album of the year, did I say that already? TUNE.