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"Hi, I'm P!nk, your new therapist" [NEW ALBUM]

The fans have been waiting for this, all the rest were just as nicely surprised to see her back: P!nk has just released her brand new album, people! It is called Beautiful Trauma and the title is pretty much a good idea of what to expect.

No pop-rock banger, sorry guys, there are no So What or Stupid Girls whatsoever, this sound is evidently targeting an older audience which is more than ok. The youngsters have already plenty to choose from. So what about us old queens? (See what I did there?) The album sounds very smooth and totally cohesive with a lovely soft feeling.

Is it a completely new P!nk? No, she didn't need to change. The attention to the lyrics is still what will make you say Yeah that's definitely her! Very bitchy most of the time, guys, her duet with Eminem in Revenge is pure class! I had personally found a bit weird to hear him in the song mostly cause I hadn't heard from him in a long time, and he has a full grown up man's voice now! Ha, again, us old queens. Definitely a big highlight, especially the you're a whore, it's a war. LINE.

We are now pretty much all familiar with the lead single What about us? definitely a well deserved choice as first selection from the LP. Lovely ballad with a unavoidable instrumental in the middle of the song that y'all like so much (the sooner we get rid of this trend, the better, thanks.) If I had to, and I feel like I should, recommend a few tracks I will definitely choose the following:

For Now is a nostalgic story that goes together with a throwback sound that connects very well to the rest of the album, especially the lead single. If you liked that, you will appreciate this one too.

Secrets has been discussed a lot among the fans already. It is a different sound for her, that's for sure. Is it a U-turn? I don't think so. On the opposite, even though it is indeed a small step away from the rest of the album, I think this is exactly what the album needed. It is basically Pink finally smoking a joint after all this introspective journey that this album is. So there are some weird sounds, some nonsense da-da-dara-du-duru and we like it! Sorry fans, this song is just good. I might even become a final single or something.

Whatever you want is very autumn-ish, lovely chorus, a nice easy-listening tune. Nice lyrics too. But we lost it oh oh oh this one is pretty intense. She gets back to reading all our lives. Tough lyrics, if you relate, make sure you have your tissues all ready, ok?

So, recap: Pink is telling you life is a bitch. You're a bitch. He is a bitch. She is a bitch. Be ready. Da-da-dara-du-duru. Lovely album. Good to have her back. Oh, weird moments in the album: - the chorus of Where we go feels like a slowed down version of Something new by Girls Aloud - the intro of Wild hearts can't be broken is Leona Lewis' Run piano intro. Links: