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2+2 for your weekend

A very quick post for your weekend. We thought it was worth leaving you with 2 oldies and 2 new tracks for your weekend.

First new one: St. Vincent - Los Ageless

I know nothing about her yet (shame on me) but this song is amazing. Very indie and the refrain is one of the questions I had never managed to answer in my life: how could anybody have you and lose you and not lose their mind too? How? HOW? I dunno. If you do, leave a comment below.

First old one: York feat. Jennifer Paige - Lost Under the Sun

You better remember her! I am not even gonna say who she is, but we are sure you had a little crush for her in 90s. A lovely ballad turned into a disco remix. The way it's done, not those shitty remixes out there. It's lovely. Her voice! Pure and simple. Give it a go, people.

Second new one: Whales & This Lake - Alphagirls & Alphaboys ☿

This guys have yet to release their debut album, and this track is definitely something to look at. Lovely rhythm and interesting lyrics. We loved it from the very first listen. Recommended!

Second old-but-gold: Annie - Bad Times

She is one gem of an artist. And this track does not deserve to be forgotten. Ok, it's not a masterpiece, the lyrics are a bit repetitive but the music brings the entire thing on a level of being weirdly catchy. Stuck in your head. Guaranteed. (ish.)

Have a nice weekend, y'all.