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She looks so pretty, yeah? And she sounds good too!

We are going for a trip to the hottest country in Pop music: freezing Sweden! We are presenting you the latest effort of one of the most exciting names in the past few years: Tove Lo. After the success earlier this year of her concept album Lady Wood, she is ready to be back with a natural sequel album called Blue Lips anticipated by the opening single Disco Tits.

The sound of this new single is consistent with all her previous works and she keeps giving us amazing sexy anthems. Yes, as the title obviously anticipates, the theme of sex is a returning role. Disco Tits has a minimal beat that at first listen reminded me of George Michael’s Shoot the Dog, but that’s obviously just a random association. The entire song builds up on a few very simple hooks softly sung and repeated. The atmosphere built up is a busy disco club with drunk and high dancers all around. Messy but we have all been there and we like it. The vocal effects on Tove’s voice are a perfect way to get in the mood of the song. This is ready to go to any DJ’s playlist just as it is, no remixes necessary. We think this links pop and house music on a perfect balance for a winter club hit.

She did it again. We have absolutely adored Lady Wood (which part of it will probably make an appearance on our popstones someday soon) and Disco Tits made us absolutely ready for Tove’s new album Blue Lips coming up later this year.

Bring it on, girl!

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