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Hurricane Clarkso is coming...

She has been crowned the original American Idol quite a while ago, but she has only recently fulfilled the heavy contract with RCA Records. And now here she is, Miss (finally) Independent, Kelly Clarkson, everyone!

Ok, now, she is not independent as in "no record deal". Quite the opposite, she is now under the support of Atlantic Records who are, apparently, supporting her like they never did. And now she has just stormed the scene with her come back project: the announcement of her brand-new LP Meaning of Life out October 27th (picture).

She has also premiered an official lead single with its own video, and a promotional song to accompany all of that.

1. Love So Soft

The official first single represents the new direction Kelly was probably hinting at during the long time of rumours and interviews when she described her new sound as heavily influenced by the 90s RnB sound. Love So Soft is an uplifting uptempo by many described as Christina Aguilera meets Meghan Trainor. Now, we are not really big fans of the latter, but maybe we might understand the reference. The sound is very sassy and catchy, very light compared to previous lead single of her discography. No cheating boyfriends whatsoever who deserve to die , which is good for a change, right? Plus she seems like the happiest person on Earth right now, so this was kinda easy to predict. What it is VERY interesting here is the official video for this song. Have a look:

Were you expecting anything similar by Miss Kelly C.? We were not. And if you just said yes then you're lying. Or you're Kelly (and that would be super awesome. Are you?). The ideas, the costumes, the scenes, THE BUDGET, people. She has never ever done anything so expensive so far, and it kinda pays off badly as this is by far her best video (since Behind These Hazel Eyes probably, or ever). It is just so fresh to see her finally acting like a popstar as a grown up woman, enjoying dresses, make up and dancers! Dancers! We're speechless. And yes, the video is kinda better than the song. Don't get us wrong, we love this song and this entire project, but, what we are more excited for is ... Yeah. The second song. 2. Move You

This is classic Kelly. Her big diva moment that will put Already Gone to shame. Move You is a huge power ballad with one of the most brilliant production of her entire discography. Simple, controlled, great vocals and lovely lyrics. A love song dedicated to a lover who makes you feel over the moon, and what do you wanna do in return? I wanna move you like that. Ah! Pass that tissue, Barbra! She has already performed this live, and oh boy, she delivered. Enjoy this beautiful song on this live performance underneath here:

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