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September 2017. The moment we at popstonesheroes have been waiting for a very long time. Not one. Not two. Not three, but FOUR (yes, this is a big number, duh!) songs are out by our favourite pop farm: Xenomania. Yes. They're finally back in the business (and hopefully the charts) with four acts which include, ladies and gentleman, Nadine Coyle! Oh yeah, and Mollie King from the Saturdays. Let's go step by step. Actually we'll save Miss Coyle for last.

We will start, as in the good tradition of popstonesheroes (all lower case, yes. Revolutionary, we know.) with the one song that no one will listen nor remember unless we manage to make the miracle. We are starting with: 1. Blessed - See Through All the Colours

Discovered completely accidentally, and thanks to credits at found out their producing team, I think this one of the hottest pop songs out there at the moment. Now, about the act, there is not that much to say, a part from their names, Lauren and Georgina (or Loz and Gee), very young and I am assuming at their very first experience with pop. The song is a super fresh, fun, simple and addictive uptempo. The fast-sung pre-chorus is amazing, the one drag queens would be super proud to lip-sync, and the lyrics are so relatable! They go with: why are you wasting time with another, can't you see through all the colours, I'm undercover, why are you wasting time with another-other, you know that there ain't any other like me. I mean, preach, gurls, preach! As said, this act is not getting any visibility at the moment, but hey, what are we here for if not to give some credits to these underrated gems? So come on, give it a chance and send some coins to these young ladies!

Here some useful links:

2. Liv Lovelle - Won't Say Too Much

This track goes a bit away from the dance-vibe common throughout these four tracks and it can be described as Xenomania winking at RnB.

The vocals Liv provides are catchy and cheeky. The track will leave you with the give me your love but don't say too much in loop in your head. The rap verses are very interesting, the lyrics are once again very simple describing the what to do after a second date. Give me a clue and I'll say the words is another great peace of advice for all our lovers out there. Here some links:

3. Mollie King - Hair Down

This is now the time for our second biggest name for this post. Aftermore than a year after her (underrated, if we must) debut solo single Back to You, Mollie King is back with a brand new track called, indeed, Hair Down.

The track deserves to be here. It has a retro sound that Xenomania might have experimented before with Girls Aloud tracks such as The Promise (with a touch of Something New with a big dose of mess). Her vocals, well, now as much as we do like track, there is much room for compliments when it comes to the vocal abilities of this girl. I mean, in complete honest, this song might have sounded even better with a stronger vocalist. (I'm sorry.) This might get a little visibility thanks to her addition to the Strictly Come Dancing 2017 cast, so we definitely wish her all the best with the promotion of this track. And hey, this is the only one, to date, with an already released video. If that is not already an achievement. Video on YouTube:

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and now...

4. Nadine (Coyle) - Go To Work

And she is BACK. No, I would have never said that. You know, it has been literally years and years that rumors have been saying oh, she has been working with Xenomania for her solo stuff and nothing ever happened. So, I had lost all my hopes. And a few months ago BOOM. She had signed with Virgin EMI. Not Tesco, not Sainsbury, guys. Virgin EMI. And then hopes were high again. And last week it happened. She is back with a brand new Xenomania track Go to Work. Ironic, isn't it. Well, we are over the moon for this. Well, in total fairness (we have been pretty harsh with Mollie...), we are more excited by what this respresents rather than the song itself. Let's go into it before discussing all the tea that has been spilled (oh oh oh, yeah.)

Lyrics: Nadine has a lazy boyfriend who won't get up in the morning and go bring some money home. She doesn't know what to do, poor thing, so she speaks to him and repeats to death why don't go to work?

Deep. Ok, maybe not, but we have all been there, come on. Sound: 90s a.f. Is that a good thing? It depends on your tastes for sure. It is the best sound we have been expecting from Nad and Brian? Uhm, no. It's an updated Why Do It? from the Girls Aloud catalog. Catchy? Unfortunately for you, there is nothing that you can do, this song if ever gets in the clubs, is going to hunt you with the refrain. Sorry about it.

Vocals: her voice has changed, but if you had heard her post-Girls Aloud attempts, especially her duet with Mr Westlife Shane, you won't hear much of a difference. But she still can deliver her wacky sound. And her accent comes through with her why don't do your thAYIng and how not to love her.

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